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Friday, August 04, 2006

shopping list

Much in the spirit of the rewards drawer am having to create a mental shopping list for things that I need to replace at the lowest possible price because I am getting too small for the things that I am wearing. On the list at the moment is a new sports bra (I actually have two in the rewards drawer but the one that no longer fits is a full two sizes bigger than those that are in reserve - so need to get an intermediate size before I permanently injure myself with flying boobs).

The good news is that after over a month out of action and the contribution of a couple of grand in repair costs, our hot tub has finally been repaired this morning. And it is all updated and brand spanking and much better than it has been before. Should be just the thing for easing those little aches and pains and stiffness prior to the run on Sunday.

Hub and I are turning into running geeks. We spent a large part of our journey down to our weekender last night talking about our respective progress (this was after he began talking to me again when he realised that I hadn't spontaneously intuited that he wanted me to pack his running shoes). He is also shrinking fairly rapidly but not noticing it so much on the scales. Being a bloke he will probably take all of five minutes to get buff. But at the moment it is great that we are both enjoying this so much and we just hope it carries on.


Good luck with the run on Sunday. It's meant to be a nice day so that will be a bonus.
Good luck for Sunday Deege - I won't be online this weekend so i had to nip in and say it now or otherwise I would forget!

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