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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

WWI the seventeenth

Starting Weight - 107.5kg
Current Weight - 103.0kg
Total weight loss - 4.5kg
This week's weight loss - -0.5kg

Yet another reminder not to focus too much on the weight. For the last several weeks I have been weighing myself on both Monday and Tuesday mornings and using the result that makes me feel the happiest. My weight fluctuates from day to day by up to a kilo!! And yet yesterday I got dressed for work and buttoned up my suit jacket and realised that it was comfortable to button up my suit jacket. Revelation.

I am really pleased that I am getting good results in other areas. Because if the only way I was measuring myself was through weight loss I would be majorly losing my enthusiasm and being less committed to my plans.

But thankfully, the weightloss thing is just a bonus. If I look towards my future goals and plans for the rest of the year, most of them are not weight related. They are goals for races that I want to compete in, distances that I want to achieve, times that I want to be able to run. Sure, I want to be able to fit into my summer gear by the time it is summer, but that is mainly because I am a tightarse and I don't want to shell out for new clothes.


The rate you are going deege, I am sure you will achieve all your running goals! The weightloss will follow for sure :)

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