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Thursday, September 07, 2006


So a pair of work pants I only bought a couple of weeks ago now requires a belt. You've got to love that, but this lifestyle gig can get expensive with all the changing wardrobe.

Took nudge out to draw a new picture last night. Added an extra block or so to my normal mid-week run after roughly calculating that it would make my run about 4km without having to go over any ground. Then of course at the end I had to run back and forth in front of my house for a couple of minutes to get nudge to tick over from 3.8km. That makes for a very funny picture indeed.

Tomorrow night I have a testing session for an ASICs sponsored study that I have volunteered for. It is about the way that hormones influence women runners and the results might be used by ASICs to improve their women's gear. I am a little nervous because, while I fulfill the requirements of the study (running three times a week for 30 mins plus), I am hardly madam sports star. The little (well big actually) fat chick inside of me half thinks they are going to look at me and go "What were you thinking??" But then I remind myself that I fit the criteria, and dammit I am a prime representative of the highly lucrative plodding overweight beginner runner market. Hear me roar!!

Actually, the hardest thing about this will be running on a treadmill without falling off or looking like a goon (I haven't really run on a treadmill in years). Plus they are deliberately testing me on the first day of my *ahem* cycle, so it isn't going to be the most comfortable or easiest day for running (which I guess is kind of the point of the study). At least I can be thankful that this is the first time since I have started this journey that running plus impending menstrual cycle does not equal "curled in a ball on the floor moaning incoherently with muscle pain".

Heh, one final thing that amused me about the study is that the instructions said that some exercise will be involved in the testing and I should therefore wear shorts. Socks and shoes would be provided by ASICs. It immediately occurred to me that something was missing in those instructions. Think I might take along a T-shirt as well just in case.


Hears hoping that you may score some free Asics gear.

Now that Nudge can draw such good pictures how about posting them on your blog??
All in good time!! I am still getting the hang of sport tracks, but I have a very special run planned for my long run this weekend and will spend the evening figuring out how to post the pretty picture to my blog.
Funny, I used to suffer terribly from cramps at that time. I would be lying if I said I breezed through it now that I am fitter but I certainly don't require nearly as much nurfen plus as I used to.

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