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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


A couple of nice people encouraged me in my goal to do the half at the Melbourne Marathon next year. Gosh you are all lovely. Thank you.

So that, along with the questionnaire for my new coach, I have been thinking a bit about goals in the short and medium term. So I thought I would share them here and see how I go:

  1. run the last two SiS and hopefully improve my times at each

  2. Races wise, spend the summer doing 5km, 8km and 10km races about once every month to 6 weeks so that I always have something to look forward to while I try to consolidate my training and improve some of my times

  3. Increase my mileage every month

  4. Break 7min/km pace

  5. Break 6min/km pace

  6. Run the R4TK in April

  7. Train towards my first half sometime in April, May, June, July

  8. Run 10K in under 52 min (this is my only real remaining PB from when I used to run)

  9. Run the half at the Melbourne Marathon and hopefully work towards a full in 2008

It's all a but full on in my head to be thinking about these things, but I remind myself that this time next year I will have been hopefully running regularly for 18 months. I have already been running for less than 6 months and in that time, I have gone from running for 60 seconds at a time, to running for 80mins at a time. None of these goals are set in stone except for the short term ones.

But I am a methodical bugger so it helps me to know where I intend to be heading in the longer term. This is pretty motivating for me rather than just heading out to tool around the streets every now and then aimlessly.


They all seem like attainable goals.
I'm trying to get someone to go from nothing to something at the moment so I might point her at your blog for some inspiration.
Well I am certainly an expert at the "coming from nothing" side of the ledger. I am also pretty au fait at the "being proud of extremely small improvements" and "looking on the bright side" aspects of the project.
Well done, Goals will really help your motivation.

I can highly recommend the Gold Coast half marathon, beautiful flat course and a great excuse for a mid winter break for you and your Hub :-)
Great idea to set some goals, like Em said, it really does help with the motivation - you'll really enjoy the R4K, I loved it and will definately go for it again :o)

And it's not full on to be thinking ahead :oD just shows determination!

The goals don't look to outrageous. I reckon you will be thrilled to make all of them.
Thrilled doesn't even begin to describe it.
What a good idea to write your goals down like that- you have inspired me to do the same so that I can stay focused. Good luck with it- I am sure you can tick them all off.
They're some nice looking goals there - a good steady build up. Nothing like putting your goals up and maintaining your blog to keep you motivated. :)
Very well thought out goals deege. I am sure you will reach them with your grit and determination. Good luck :-).

See you at SiS2, Yikes!!!!!
Wow Deege, your really powering along these days. Your blog is very inspirational, I really need to pull my finger out. Cant wait to read your race report form today (SIS2).

All the best with your goals. I don't doubt you for a second.

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